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supervised visits

Fees for supervised visits

Intake Fee - $100

  • Includes $40 non-refundable intake fee and $60 orientation fee if visits are approved

Hourly Fee for Visits - $65/hour

  • Discounts for multiple children: $60/hour for 2 children; $55/hour for 3 children

  • Additional Fees may be required as provided in the Supervised Visitation and Exchange Agreement    

what are supervised visits?

When parents have a child custody or visitation matter in family court, one of the primary concerns is to protect the best interests and the safety of the children. Sometimes, based on concerns of protection and safety, a judge will order that a child only have contact with a parent when a neutral third person is present during the visit. This neutral third person is called the "monitor". “Supervised visitation”  is the official name for this type of monitored visitation arrangement. The entire process is governed by the court order and several important rules govern supervised visits. Supervised exchanges are similarly ordered by the court to require a neutral third party "monitor" to observe and supervise the exchange of a child from one parent to the other. Las Valientes has several professionally trained supervision monitors who have completed training required by the Judicial Council of the State of California. Please watch the video below to learn more.

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