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San Diego Resources

Below are some of our recommendations for common resources our clients find helpful in San Diego County. We encourage you to contact us if you need help locating a specific resource to help in your situation. 


Eduardo Perez
Immigration Law
P. 619-913-7003
Bilingual English/Spanish

Law Offices of James Dicks
James Dicks, Esq.
P. 760-630-2000
James Dicks, Esq. - English only
Secretary -  Bilingual English/Spanish

Andrew Lockard, Esq.
Labor Law
P. 949-246-6945

Pamela Vallero, Esq. 
Gruenberg Law 
P. 619-230-1234

Lorena Tejada, Esq.
Family Law/Criminal Law
P. 760-310-1625
Bilingual English/Spanish

Gregory Belnap, Esq.
Wills and Trusts, Landlord-Tenant Issues
P. 760-563-6777
English only


Ana De La Torre MFT
P. 760-994-9323
Bilingual English/Spanish

Paola Wilkens LCSW Child & Adult Psychotherapy
P. 760-535-1847
Bilingual English/Spanish

Veronica Alzaga
P. 760-510-5975
​P. 760-653-8838
Bilingual English/Spanish

social service agencies

North County Lifeline
P. 760-726-4900

Interfaith Community Services
Escondido 760-489-6380
Oceanside 760-721-2117

North County Family Justice Center

P. 760-290-3690

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