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about us

Las Valientes is a non-profit organization that was founded to create a safe and supportive community for survivors of domestic violence. Our mission is to empower survivors to take back their lives and find the strength and courage to fight for their rights. The Las Valientes team consists of survivors who have lived through domestic violence and are passionate to provide advocacy and friendship to those who are still struggling. We share our personal experiences and create a unbreakable bond with our clients that allows us to connect on a personal level. We also take a hands-on approach to help our clients navigate the legal system. 

Because many of our clients fear the legal system and do not know how to access it, our hands-on approach has helped many obtain the legal services they need to break free of the violence that binds them. We believe this approach works best with our clients because it gives them the strength and security they need to stop the violence affecting their lives. Through their relationship with us, our clients don’t feel alone. They have someone to help them every step of the way.

We believe that a person's faith is a key factor in their ability to break the chains of domestic violence and thus faith in God plays a key role in everything we do. For that same reason, we do not accept grants or money from the government that might impact our ability to pursue that mission. 

Please watch the following video to hear our director, Ana Serrano, describe the program in more detail. 


“Las valientes helped me every step of the way. more than anything, i am grateful to be free and living a happy life."


"i am grateful to ana and the las valientes team for giving me hope and a path to move forward."


"My daughters and i are so grateful for the help ana and las valientes gave us. They did so much for us and we now have hope for the future!
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