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supervised visit policies

Supervised Visits and Exchanges are regulated by Standard 5.20 of the California Rules of Court and our policies are designed to enforce those standards while protecting our monitors, the children, and the parents. Please see the Supervised Visitation and Exchange Agreement for the full rules, terms and policies for supervised visits.

10 key rules for supervised visits

Below is a summary of our policies for supervised visits, but they are not the complete terms. Please see the supervised visitation agreement by clicking the button above to read the full agreement. 

follow The court order

The court order is the law of your visits and we cannot change, alter, or expand anything about the order. We also cannot start supervised visits without having all applicable court orders.

no electronics

Parents and guardians may not use phones or other electronic devices to communicate with others outside of the visit at any time during the visit, except to use a device for taking photos and videos. 

public locations

All visits must be planned at safe, public locations and no visit can take place at a person's residence or that of any family member, friend, etc. Please contact us or your monitor if you are curious if a location is permitted. 


Your monitor is not a babysitter, they are professionally trained neutral third-parties who are there to ensure the safety of the child while giving the non-custodial parent their court-ordered opportunity to see their child. 

no drugs or alcohol

All persons are strictly prohibited from being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during any visit, and no person may possess any weapons at any time. Visits may be terminated at any time if the monitor suspects that a person involved with the visit is under the influence or possesses a weapon.

4-day scheduling

All visits must be scheduled at least 4 days prior to the planned visit and confirmed by all parties at least 48 hours in advance. 


Please treat everyone with respect at all times. All conduct and communications that may be considered threatening, harassing, or excessively annoying is strictly prohibited and may be cause for terminating visits. This includes all electronic communications with your monitor. 

pay on time

Payments must be made for the previous visit before new visits can be scheduled. Failure to pay will result in interest charges. God's Heart Ministry may keep your payment method on file to process charges automatically.

suspension and termination

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate visits under the terms of the Supervised Visitation and Exchange Agreement. 

no services for some cases

We do not supervise cases involving extreme violence, child molestation, and others and we reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone on any basis.  

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